Red Vein Indo Kratom, effects and Dosage

Kratom is an evergreen plant which belongs to the family of coffee. Kratom is parted into different types. Red Vein Indo Kratom is one of them. It is cradle from the region of Indonesia. This type is named as Red vein because of the red vein present in their center. It has a high content of alkaloid as compared to the other types of Kratom.

Effects of Red Vein Indo Kratom:

Positive effects:

Red Vein Indo Kratom perks us with a lot of purposes. The fact about this type of Kratom is that it takes a bit time to effect on our body but once it starts effecting, it gives us feelings of well-being and ease.  It is a well-known drug for depression and anxiety. It has proved itself very helpful in the relief of pain. It helps us to focus and concentrate on our work. It fosters our energy, confidence and spoiled mood. It gives us feelings of being happy and relaxed. It assists us to get rid of chronic pains. It has been used widely to relax muscles as well. It makes us endemic. It assists us to sleep well and peacefully. It helps us to get purge from insomnia. It uplifts our level of tolerance.

Negative effects:

Kratom has always proved itself as a bosom friend of the user. But sometimes, anxiety and agitated effects have been observed after using it. The main reason behind it is ingesting a high dose of it. Some people intake quantity more than 7-10 grams which is not good for our health. The reason is that some people can’t tolerate a high dosage of it. The high dose, instead of assisting us, gives us negative and opposite effects. User may feel irritation, laziness, nausea and vomiting, high blood pressure. Therefore, it is always recommended to follow the cautions and advice.

Dosage for Red Vein Indo Kratom:

It is always suggested that you should start with a low quantity. You can increase the quantity (if you feel like) after some time but still is should not exceed the limit. The starting dose should be 1-2 grams. At this quantity, you can enjoy positive effects without any side effects. The medium dose should be only 3-5 grams. High dose includes 6-8 grams. The quantity should not exceed this limit because exceeding this limit, the user will feel the opposite effects of it. You have observed that our main focus is on the quantity and dosage. The main reason is that very high dose of it (in rare cases) may lead to the death of a person. Therefore, a little caution will let you enjoy the best of it!

Comparison of Red Vein Indo with other strains:

As compared to the other strains, red vein indo strain has more content of alkaloid in it.  Each leave of Red Vein Indo Kratom has almost 25 different kinds of alkaloids. It assists Red Vein Indo Kratom to deal with chronic pain. In comparison with other strains, Red Vein Indo Kratom will take a bit more time to effect but effects will stay for a long time.


Red Vein Indo Kratom can be used to treat you from pain, anxiety, and depression. IF you are suffering from these problems than go ahead and try it once!